Takuya Sato Spilled roasted coffee beans by Urku Melbourne

Coffee & Chocolate Pairing

Feat. Barista Takuya Sato

Chocolate + Coffee Paring

Get exclusive access to our Winter Collection as we present Coffee + Chocolate Tasting in collaboration with Barista Takuya Sato.

Guests can enjoy three samples from Amazon Basin Chocolate by Kallari.

Single Origin Pairing

Two rockstars meet - This session will feature African coffee beans and Amazon Basin cacao, presenting a carefully curated pairing with single origin cacao by Kallari.

Takuya Sato

About Taku

He's a professional barista with over 5 years of experience. Taku's work is characterised by detailed sensory and brewing techniques, honoring the coffee origin in every cup he serves.

He believes coffee is a peaceful and precious beverage that creates community.

Why do you love coffee?
"As along as there is coffee in your world, how bad could things be?"

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Kallari Collection

Creamy texture, velvet sensation and floral aromas. Amazon's basin best kept secret.