Tasting chocolate, exploring and sharing

Tasting chocolate, exploring and sharing

look_symbolStep 1: Look at the Colour, Edges, and Shine

The first step in tasting chocolate is to carefully observe its appearance. Take a close look at the colour of the chocolate, noting any variations or inconsistencies. Pay attention to the edges of the chocolate bar or piece, as well as its shine. These visual cues can give you insights into the quality and craftsmanship of the chocolate.

touch_symbol Step 2: Touch and Feel the Texture 

Next, use your fingers to touch and feel the texture of the chocolate. Is it smooth and velvety, or does it have a rougher texture? Pay attention to how the chocolate feels in your hand and how it melts on your fingers. The texture can greatly impact your overall tasting experience.

listen_symbol Step 3: Listen to the Snap 

When you break a piece of chocolate, listen closely to the sound it makes. A high-quality chocolate will produce a satisfying snap, indicating that it has been properly tempered. This snap is a sign of a well-made chocolate and can indicate its freshness and quality.

smell_symbol Step 4: Smell the Aroma

Before taking a bite, take a moment to smell the chocolate. Pay attention to any changes in the aroma as you bring it closer to your nose. Notice the different scents and try to identify any specific notes or undertones. The aroma can provide valuable insights into the flavour profile of the chocolate.

taste_symbol Step 5: Taste and Discover

Finally, it's time to taste the chocolate. Take a small piece and let it gently melt on your tongue. Pay attention to the flavours that emerge as the chocolate melts. Does it have any unique or unexpected flavours? Take your time to savour the chocolate and fully experience its taste.

    Whether you're a chocolate enthusiast or simply looking to appreciate cacao on a deeper level, taking the time to taste chocolate properly can be a truly unique experience.

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    Spread the joy and keep smiling, happy chocolate tasting!


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    Tasting chocolate, exploring and sharing
    Tasting chocolate, exploring and sharing
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