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Herencia Chocolate Bars

The golden award winner of Ecuador Chocolate Awards 2021. For generations, the small farmers of the Esmeraldas, have carefully grown and harvested Cacao Arriba. Herencia brings together generational knowledge and traditions that make these unique chocolate bars possible.

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Herencia: Our Heritage

For the past 20 years, the small farmers part of this social entrepreneurship have specialised in taking care and harvesting world-class Arriba Nacional Cacao. Now, Herencia is finally able to share with you the best selection of chocolate proudly grown and crafted in the country of origin: Ecuador.

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We carefully manage organic crops, steering clear of pesticides, heavy metals, and other chemicals to preserve the health of our land, our families, and you—our chocolate lovers. Let's stay committed together to a conscientious approach to cultivation.

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The land

Esmeraldas, located in Ecuador is a land of dark soil and tropical fruits considered by many one of the richest and most biodiverse locations on earth. Our cacao trees are native species with distinct floral, tropical, and fruity notes. We respect our soil and climate as a gift from mother earth.

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To make our Herencia chocolate bars, we only use one variety of cacao: 'Fino de Aroma'. A native species to Ecuador, and sought after many experts as it is one of the most complex cacao's in the world. It is charged with wonderful organoleptic characteristics that not only brings taste but a wealth of nutritional value.

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Creamy texture, smooth and floral aromas. Ecuador's tropical terroir in one bite.

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