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Inspired by the Andes, the mountains where the sun meets the earth. A land of traditions and the home of the mystical cacao tree. We want you to be part of our world and immerse yourself to enjoy the best expressions of cacao.

The journey of cacao has been a rediscovery of our roots, the value of tradition and a motivation to work towards a sustainable, biocultural diverse pathway.

Honoring past, present and future generations of cacao farmers, URKU is proud to host Farm-To-Bar chocolates. As a direct trade between farmers and you, our chocolate lovers.

Get to know our partners

Let the farmers tell you more about their work

Why it matters?

Connecting through stories. Get to know our partners, proud founders of sustainable farmer-owned cacao enterprises.

Our Partners

URKU Experience

Cacao opens the door to the exploration of flavour. Let's dive into the stories that foster chocolate.

Tasting Sessions

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Fri 10:00am - 3:00pm

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