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Lua Home Page
Lua Home Page

Lua Chocolate

Making a quick rise into the chocolatier's arena. Lua has positioned itself as a premium chocolate bar with identity, gaining immediate international recognition.

Lua brings together flavour and heritage, featuring produce of a 100-year old cacao trees.

Lua Home Page

Our Story

Lua is a family-owned business that was born with a very particular purpose, to return to the roots of cacao. Established in Guayaquil, Ecuador, we craft our chocolate in our farm located in Chone, Manabí, the home of the finest and most aromatic cacao.

Our cacao harvest is influenced by the lunar phases and the entire ecosystem that surrounds it.

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Lunar-cycle harvest

Lua Farm

A sensory journey into cacao.

A world of flavours in one bite.

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100-year old cacao trees

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