Aged Chocolate Collection
Biodynamic Organic Aged Chocolate
Biodynamic Organic Aged Chocolate
Biodynamic Organic Aged Chocolate
Urku's Germánico Pinto Collection

URKU chocolate by Herencia

Limited Edition | Single Origin
Exclusively crafted for Melbourne, Australia.

About this Collection

Biodynamic farms|Premium Cacao

Made from award-winning cacao harvests, these chocolate bars will take you through a journey of flavours, aromas and stories.

Urku Germánico Pinto Collection
Germánico Pinto | 1-month Aged Chocolate Germánico Pinto | 3-month Aged Chocolate Germánico Pinto | 6-month Aged Chocolate

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URKU Luxury Collection

First certified biodynamic chocolate bars in Australia.

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Our products are proudly

Germánico Pinto Symbol Organic

Sustainable harvest

Germánico Pinto Symbol Vegan


Germánico Pinto Symbol Bio Dynamic

Ecological | Ethical

Germánico Pinto Symbol Premium Cacao

Carefully Selected

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